Why Access Control?

Nothing is more vital to the health of an organization than making sure that its people, material assets, and operations are safe and secure. By preventing people from entering places they do not belong, access control protects against theft as well as liability and disruption to your operations. Access control can also integrate with security and video systems to give you a comprehensive, cohesive management tool.

Tracking Access

One of the biggest advantages that our access control systems offer is the ability to quickly determine who may have gained access to critical areas before and after an incident. Even our smallest, single door applications have reporting available that shows an audit trail of door access activity.

Improved Security

Access control enhances security by eliminating the need for keys, which are easily lost or duplicated & disappear when terminated employees fail to return them. By using our access control credentials, you can quickly & conveniently adjust or delete privileges any time an employee’s status changes. If you install our access control software on a networked system, you can even perform these tasks from a remote location.

Access Control Solutions

We offer access control solutions by Kantech and Cansec, industry leading access solution providers.

Proximity Readers
Proximity Readers
Proximity Readers

Proximity Readers and Credentials

Proximity readers and credentials (cards/fobs) are extremely secure and practically impossible to duplicate. There is a great variety of proximity readers designed for different environments including vandal resistant mullion mounts, smaller décor styles, and integrated keypad/reader units.

bar code reader

Bar Code Readers

Bar Code Readers use inexpensive bar code cards. The readers are fully weatherproof, and their tough shell is made of carbon-filled polycarbonate for extra durability.



We offer various keypad solutions that are rugged, compact and vandal resistant that are compatible for indoor and outdoor use.


Biometric Recognition

Access control biometrics includes everything that requires identity authentication by scanning a person’s unique physical characteristics such as fingerprints and hand geometry. Biometrics offers a superior combination of strength, affordability, convenience, and ease of use. It is used where high security is a necessity such as hospitals, police, the military as well as the financial industry.

Wireless Lock

The demand for wireless technology has been on the rise as people endeavor to expand their access control system with additional doors economically. The wireless technology allows facility managers to migrate from standalone key systems or brass keys to bring more doors into the fold of electronic access control. Doing so gives them the advantage of managing more locks and doors from a central security management system.

intercom access

Intercom Access Systems

Create a safe environment for your employees and customers by securing all buildings, campuses, and parking structures with one of our versatile intercom systems. In addition to entry security which allows you to remotely allow access, intercoms can provide internal communication and paging notifications where required.

phone access
phone access
phone access

Entry Phone Systems

Have the benefits of a full-featured access control system without the associated cost or complexity, in the palm of your hand through your smartphone. Easily add and delete users, modify access schedules and view audit reports. You can also use your smartphone as your access credential, allowing doors to be unlocked manually or automatically.

asure id

Asure ID Photo Badging

Whether you are new to ID badging or a power user, Asure ID helps you design and produce ID cards with unprecedented ease and efficiency. The user interface provides an excellent speed boost to designing cards, and everything you need to design and populate a card is right in front of you. Routine tasks can be performed with a couple of mouse clicks.
Card designs can contain both static text and graphics as well as data fields which are linked to data stored in the access control software.