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Our professional-grade user friendly home automation solutions allow you to:

  • Keep your home more secure
  • Receive real-time alerts of activities in your home
  • Create convenient and energy saving rules and scenes
  • Remotely control and automate your security, lights, locks, thermostat, doorbell, garage doors and more.

Read on for examples of some of the ways you can configure the different components of your automation system.  For a full demonstration click here.

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Interactive Security

  • Receive real-time security and environmental alerts (burglary, low temperature, flood, fire)
  • Arm or disarm your system from anywhere with our mobile app
  • Be notified if you forget to arm the system when leaving or going to bed
  • Stay secure with advanced tamper-resistant technology
  • No land-line phone required
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Anytime Alerts

  • Set personal rules to get text, email, video or image alerts for things you care about
  • Receive notifications even when the system is disarmed
  • Works with additional products such as video cameras, thermostats, locks, garage doors
icons representing different states of you being at home, being away, or being asleep


  • Create personalized automated settings to control your system when arriving home, leaving or going to sleep
  • Leaving the house or going to bed?
    • By selecting the away or Sleep scene, have your doors automatically lock, your system armed, your garage door close, lights turn off, and your thermostat adjust.
  • Returning Home?
    • By selecting the home button, have your garage door automatically open, your door unlock, your system disarm, your lights turn on, and your thermostat adjust
  • Want a button for a different moment?
    • Easily build your own scenes with commands for your security system, locks, garage door, lights, thermostat and more
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  • Remotely lock or unlock doors, and check lock status at anytime
  • Create lock codes for your kids or visitors so they can come and go as they please and get alerts when they unlock the door
  • Have your doors automatically lock when the system is armed
    • Program your system so that when your doors unlock, your system automatically disarms
  • Receive real-time alerts if you forget to lock the door when leaving or going to bed
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Garage Doors

  • Receive real-time alerts if you forget to close the garage door when leaving or going to bed
  • Remotely control the garage door from anywhere to allow for deliveries to be placed inside or if a friend or neighbor needs access
  • Automatically close the garage when the security system is armed
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  • Thermostat adjusts automatically when you leave and return
  • Adapt your thermostat schedule to your actual activity pattern
  • Remotely adjust your thermostat with our mobile app
  • Be alerted if your home becomes too warm or cold
  • Extreme temperature energy savings feature allows for automatic adjustment during very hot or cold days
  • Fire Safety – Stop heating and cooling automatically when smoke is detected to avoid propagating fire with air circulation
  • Door/Window Left Open Energy Saver – Reduce heating or cooling automatically if doors or windows are left open
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  • Create lighting schedules for convenience or security needs
  • Automate lighting based on arming or disarming of your security system
  • Remotely turn lights on or off with our mobile app
  • Automatically turn off all lights when you leave
  • Integrate your outdoor lights with your video doorbell – when your doorbell detects motion, program your outdoor lights to automatically turn on
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Video Monitoring

  • Use your mobile app to watch live video or recorded clips
  • Receive real-time video clips sent to your phone
  • Smart capture uses intelligent triggers to record alarms, kids arriving, sensitive areas being accessed, and more
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Image Sensor

  • An advanced, wireless motion sensor with onboard camera
  • Get image alerts sent to your phone when motion is detected
  • Peek-in at any time from your phone, tablet or computer
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Video Doorbell

  • Talk to family, friends, and even courier’s remotely through your phone and disarm the system and unlock the door to grant them access
  • Automate your doorbell to record video when activity is detected outside your front door, even if no one rings
  • Automate your lights with your doorbell so that when motion is detected at night, they automatically turn on
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Google Home / Amazon Echo

  • Arm your security system
  • Control access to your home and close your garage or lock your front door
  • Change the temperature
  • Control your lights

Please watch the following video to see what a home with automation is capable of.

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